Building your website is just the first step, you also need to make sure you rank in Google for your key phrases. At My Artisan Web we encourage our customers to use fast templates for their site (and we include some blazingly-fast ones pre-installed). Why? Because Google loves websites that load fast. It's been a factor for some time in Adwords rankings, and last year they announced that page speed was a factor in the general search engine rankings.

"Instead of wasting time on keyword meta tags, you can focus on some very easy, straightforward, small steps that can really improve how users perceive your site." says Matt Cutts of Google.

A key part of helping your site load faster is to know how fast it loads. Google has a easy tool to help with this -

At My Artisan Web our pre-installed templates are a great foundation for a fast site. Of course, there are hundreds of factors that contribute to SEO. Yes, load speed is one of them, but there are others. That's why our My Artisan Web templates have features like:

  • Super lightweight code framework - Loads faster
  • Powerful grid framework - Easier for search engines to read
  • Source ordered content - Important copy read first
  • Valid HTML overrides - Indexed better by spiders and better H1/H2 recognition
  • Logo image replacement - SEO text read instead of a logo image
  • Pure CSS menus - no javascript indexing problems

One such customer using one of our SEO templates is the Waterbury Veterinary Hospital, a recent launch from using our Small Business Package. It gets a score of 71% from Google for its page speed. Its SEO template has helped it grab not just the number one result but the top three spots in Google in just 4 weeks after launch!

Small Business Website SEO results

Check out Google's page speed tool and see what score Google gives your site. Then contact us at My Artisan Web to transfer your site to our cloud SaaS SEO hosting and we'll help you get ranked and get leads.

My Artisan Web is a Vermont based company that is committed to lightning fast websites that are securely hosted and completely supported. Although we live in a rural area, we are technologically clever and always up to date with our services, coding, and design recommendations.

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