My Artisan Web and the green agency Solid Waste Agency of Northern Cook County (SWANCC)! have worked hand in hand to launch their new community driven website.  The support staff at My Artisan Web worked closely with Cameron to address the setup and implementation of a fairly complex website that takes full advantage of the Joomla! access control levels and our powerful DocMan Extension The new simplified and highly organized design will better serve its residents, providing information on waste reduction, recycling and various programs the Agency offers for recycling or environmentally-friendly disposal of specific materials. 

SWANCC Website

The result is a professional website with many added features that were previously unavailable. The ability to have multiple staff update content on the site is invaluable to their organization so they don't have to funnel changes through one person.  This website was exciting for us at My Artisan Web to work on because it challenged us to make use of all the tools and extensions at our disposal.  Cameron was a perfect match for My Artisan Web because she had a clear concept of her website goals and the content.  With this in hand, she learned how to best implement a cohesive structure through a combination of tutorials and one on one ticket support which is included as part of her membership.

“My Artisan Web provided me with helpful feedback and advice throughout the building process,” said Cameron Ruen, SWANCC Marketing Coordinator. “I wanted to use a content management system to create our new site on my own, and understood the basics of Joomla, but needed expert advice and a guiding hand to make this project a reality.”

We applaud Cameron and The Solid Waste Agency of Cook County for their new site, in particular we love the "Trashy Fashion Show".  To experience it firsthand go to

Trashy Fashion Show 2011