My Artisan Web hosting has worked closely with DreamCatcher Web Designer Sue Tripp to launch both The Office Pro and National Proofreading Day websites in preparation for National Proofreading Day scheduled for March 8th, 2012.   This event will be celebrated throughout the world in an effort to raise awareness about "mistake-free writing and communication" and how this skill can enhance our impression with other people and professionalism.  Judy Beaver, the powerhouse behind The Office Pro and founder of National Proofreading Day, is commemorating her mother's birthday, a woman known for her excellent communication skills, by sponsoring National Proofreading Day.

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The National Proofreading Day website is chock full of resources to get you ready for the event (and if you miss it - that's ok, take a gander anyway) including tweets, links, a lively blog and polls.  The goal of the day is to raise awareness, so make sure you take the opportunity on March 8th to re-read your messages to discover and correct those pesky mistakes before sending.  If you find that after reviewing all of those tweets, Skype messages, and emails you're in need of some retuning, take a look at The Office Pro's newly launched website.  This company is based out of Chicago and specializes in customized courses and one-on-one training aiming to fine tune those writing skills in an effort to develop more confidence, clarity and professionalism.   With her newly launched website, Judy Beaver is poised to support the enhancement of your business writing, business grammar, and proofreading skills.  So be sure to take a look and give her a call if you've been wanting to brush up on those skills.  We're thrilled to have both Judy and Sue part of the My Artisan Web community and wish them success in the debut of these new websites!

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