My Artisan Web is a Joomla SaaS (Software as a Service) that helps everyone enjoy the power of Joomla.

My Artisan Web is based on four ideas that are... well... Simple.

"We think that everyone should have a successful website for their business or organization"

One of the best tools for building a successful website are a new breed of open source content management systems (CMS). They are used by thousands of websites, from Small businesses, Non-profits, Churches, Schools, Politicians, Authors and even Fortune 500 companies.

"We think everyone should have the freedom to use this same powerful technology"

Launched in 2007, My Artisan Web was the first fully managed Software As Service (SaaS) platform for the award winning CMS - Joomla. We take the technical headaches out of using Joomla by providing instant site creation, automated backups and code updates, and expert support and help on anything to do with your website.

"We are not your host, we are your partner in your website"

There are thousands of hosting companies. If you have some technical skills, you could probably start one tomorrow yourself by reselling some other company's servers.

We realize that your host is just the first step in having a successful website. You need someone to help you plan and build it, offer advice, and someone to get help from when you get stuck.

My Artisan Web is a complete service that includes your hosting and all the extra help you will need to build the web presence you want.

"We are experts"

Probably the most common (and misused) phrase for hosting companies is "expert Joomla support". For us, we take those words seriously.

Our employees have served on official Joomla volunteer teams our management literally wrote the most popular book about Joomla -  other companies even use it to train their support staff.

Over the years, we have been sought out as world leading consultants and have helped hundreds of customers build their Joomla websites.

We want to use that expertise to help you.

My Artisan Web levels the playing field and brings the power of Content Management to small businesses, without the need for a Fortune 500 IT department.

Whatever your site, Joomla can power it, and My Artisan Web can help you build, launch and grow it!

Start a successful website today with a My Artisan Web free trial

My Artisan Web is a Vermont based company that is committed to lightning fast websites that are securely hosted and completely supported. Although we live in a rural area, we are technologically clever and always up to date with our services, coding, and design recommendations.

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