How does My Artisan Web compare?

We're convinced My Artisan Web will save you thousands of dollars and many hours of struggle to build your website.

To prove it, let's compare three different models for building and maintaining your website.

First, answer the following questions in the green boxes below, then hit Tab to recalculate the cost comparison chart that follows.

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  Your time is worth: $ per hour      
  You would pay a designer: $ per hour    
  Given the factors above, let's see what each of these models will cost initially, and then over time.
  As experts at building CMS-driven websites, we've estimated the time it takes to learn and do these tasks.
  Your time is a cost based on your hourly rate, because your time is money!
  Initial start-up costs Designer Model On Your Own My Artisan Web  
  Installation of CMS software Free and instant  
  Initial content insertion  
  Initial training & support  
  TOTAL initial start-up costs  
  My Artisan Web saves you lots of time and money getting your website started.
  How much can My Artisan Web save you every month?
  Monthly ongoing costs Designer Model On Your Own My Artisan Web  
  Content updates done by you  
  Maintenance of software, security, and overall functionality   Included  
  Hosting Included  
  Getting help/support  
  My Artisan Web Subscription cost      
  Monthly costs TOTAL  

You want a website for your business, but you don't know whether to use My Artisan Web, or go the traditional route of hiring a designer to do it for you.

We're convinced that My Artisan Web will cost you less time and less money than the traditional "web designer" method of getting a website.

In fact, we think My Artisan Web can save you thousands of dollars. But how?

Most of the small businesses we've surveyed say that if they didn't use My Artisan Web, they would contract a local web designer to build their website for them.

Is it more expensive in time and money to outsource your website to a designer than it is to take control and do it on your own?

Let's compare My Artisan Web to the traditional "designer model."

When you compare My Artisan Web to the "designer model," we can literally save you thousands of dollars and countless hours.

To prove it, let's compare them side by side.

Before we compare, here are some key assumptions that apply either way. Let's assume that your business will:

  • use a content management system (CMS) to make changes and to add content to your website [1]
  • choose to use an existing template for your website design [2];
  • require initial training and support to get started;
  • want ongoing monthly training and support;
  • pay a qualified, professional designer an average of $75/hour [3]

With these assumptions in mind, let'd do a side-by-side comparison of the two approaches:

Cost Description Traditional Designer My Artisan Web

CMS install & setup

2 hours @ $75/hour= $150 Instant and free with trial

Implementing design & content insertion

Single template adaptation = $200

Content: 10 hours @ $75/hour= $750

+10 template choices included

Sample content included

Content insertion done by customer

Adding additional features (i.e. calendar, email newsletters, image gallery)

Each new feature requires a license fee plus setup time by designer = ~$200

Multiple additional features included with service.

New features added each month at no additional cost

Initial training time & materials

5 hours of designer's teaching time @ $75/hour = $375

Training guide = $25

Library of tutorials and videos included

Unlimited support via forum

Monthly support

Designer time @ $75/hour for any additional changes, updating, or training time

Unlimited support via forum

Regular automatic security updates of your CMS software

Monthly hosting

$10/month for basic hosting

$25 for high traffic/quality hosting

High traffic/quality managed hosting included with security guranteed


Startup cost: $1,500

Avg monthly ongoing cost: $85

Startup cost: FREE

Monthly ongoing cost: $29.95

Approximate cost:

Over 1 year

Over 2 years

Over 3 years




$330 (savings of $2,000!)

$690 (savings of $2,800!)

$1,050 (savings of $3,500!)

Timeframe Pending designer schedule Instant and at your own pace

[1] If you were to follow the *really* old model of using a designer to make every update and change, your training and support costs would be zero- but your website would either stay stale, or you would pay your designer $75/hour for every little change.

[2] Custom templates often add at least $1k and an additional month of design time to the initial cost of a website.

[3] High quality web designers in the U.S. often charge $100/hour or more. For over 10 years, members of Team My Artisan Web made their living from the "designer model," often charging way more for way less and taking a month or more to deliver. The cost figures above are very conservative, and represent the reality of the web design world as it stands in 2008.

So how does My Artisan Web compare?

Under the scenario above, your average web designer is going to charge you $1,500 for your basic "out of the box" CMS-powered website and the time needed to train you. Add hosting for at least another $10 a month. Need ongoing training or support? Another $75 or more a month. Security updates to your CMS? Additional features? Change your logo? The costs just pile up.

And My Artisan Web? Just $29.95 a month, and $2,000 less than the designer model in the first year. Stick with us for 3 years, and you will save more than $3,500.

Now THAT is saving you thousands!

And with My Artisan Web, you have instant and total control over your website. No waiting for a contractor to hit their deadlines. No time-expensive project management and miscommunication. And no excuses when the website isn't ready on schedule. Instead, take control of your small business website.

Convinced that My Artisan Web is the way to go? Subscribe today and save off our standard price!

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