Your My Artisan Web site will provide a solid foundation for Search Engine Optimization - the steps needed to get ranked in Google and get traffic to your site. But to take advantage of these tools, you'll need to take a few small steps.

1. Know Your Keywords

Much of SEO is based on keywords - the words that a visitor might type into a Google search box to find your site. You might think you know these already, but its worth taking a few minutes to watch our video about SEO:

Getting Traffic to Your Website (video)

Now that you have 3-5 keywords, there are a few key places where you can use them.

Note: If you are a business or organization, then you should really have your business name as one of your keywords. People will search for your name in Google.

2. Set Your SEF Title Prefix and Suffix Page Titles

The Page Title is what appears in the blue browser bar at the top of your browser window. It's what search engines use to guess what your page is about.

My Artisan Web uses a tool called SEF Title Prefix and Suffix that, if desired, will add a prefix or suffix on every single page of your site. This is super important for businesses and organizations as you can place your name before or after all these titles, thus increasing your visibility on Google.

For example, we are using a suffix of "My Artisan Web Joomla Hosting", so the page title of this page is How to Set Up Your SEO Tools | My Artisan Web Joomla Hosting".

Using the SEF Title Prefix and Suffix will greatly increase the search visibility of a business or organization.

To set the SEF Title Prefix and Suffix got to Extensions > Plugin Manager. You can scroll through the pages or filter on "SEF".

Note: You should also pay careful attention to the names of articles as these are used in the title bar for those pages. Find out more at How to Optimize Your Pages for Search Engines.

3. Link to Important Pages with SimplyLinks

If you have seen the Getting Traffic to Your Website (video) you'll know its important to internally link to your pages, that is, in your own website, link to other pages on your website. The Latest News and Most Read modules are very useful for this.

There is also a tool called SimplyLinks (Components > SimplyLinks) that can make this even easier.

"Simply" enough, you create keywords (or phrases) that go to certain pages. Then, each time you use that keyword in an article, SimplyLinks will automatically turn it into a link!

When you create a new link, even though you are linking internally, it's best to choose an "external link" as the type, and then go to your front end and find the URL of that page and enter it with a backslash.

So for you would enter /our-widgets

4. Highly Optimize Individual Pages With Scribe

The topic of SEO is very complex, and SEO consultant's are expensive. We know that's not in the budget of most people, so we have a tool that helps you work on individual pages to make them rank higher called Scribe SEO.

It's a very powerful tool that analyzes individual articles and reports what Google thinks they are about and offers advice how to make them better. Although the tool is pre-installed, the service it connects to must be purchased separately. You can find out more at Scribe for Joomla. Subscriptions start at $27 per month, and there is a 15 evaluation trial.

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