Step 1: Simplweb is Moving this month!

Simplweb is known for its fabulous support and easy to create websites.  We also want to be your trustworthy host that gives you the flexibility and dependability you deserve.  So, without further ado, Simplweb is announcing a move to a new dedicated server space that guarantees 99.9% up-time.  With this transition, you will also receive additional security enhancements to your Joomla 1.5 websites that will assist with the prevention of future hacking.  We've established this additional precaution so we can continue to provide safe, worry free Joomla 1.5 hosting for those who are not ready to migrate* to Joomla 2.5. 


Over the last two years, commercial designers of rock solid Joomla templates have returned to the drawing board and developed frameworks to serve as the blueprint for all of their templates. These framework-based templates give the web designer an opportunity to offer their clients more powerful, break-proof websites that can handle an assortment of devices, extensions, and customization with the simplicity of a click while appearing visually integrated.

So what's the difference between these frameworks and how do you determine which template will provide you with all the features you'll need?


My Artisan Web hosting has worked closely with DreamCatcher Web Designer Sue Tripp to launch both The Office Pro and National Proofreading Day websites in preparation for National Proofreading Day scheduled for March 8th, 2012.   This event will be celebrated throughout the world in an effort to raise awareness about "mistake-free writing and communication" and how this skill can enhance our impression with other people and professionalism.  Judy Beaver, the powerhouse behind The Office Pro and founder of National Proofreading Day, is commemorating her mother's birthday, a woman known for her excellent communication skills, by sponsoring National Proofreading Day.


Well, I've just returned from Joomla Day New England 2012 feeling rejuvinated and inspired.  Joomla is thriving; currently, Joomla is the 2nd most used Content Management System in the world and is quicky approaching 30 million downloads.  This is pretty amazing since it is completely volunteer based in its operations.  Other CMS systems like Wordpress and Drupal are corporately held meaning their budget is much greater and their direction determined by a concentrated group of paid professionals.  Joomla on the other hand is completely volunteer.  This proves that good things can grow from a community effort and I encourage all of you to take part in the Joomla community by becoming more active contributing members.

The group of people at this years conference were filled with enthusiasm, knowledge, and a willingness to grow and expand our already thriving community.  I met a number of new, wonderful people who were generous in sharing their knowledge in a friendly and supportive dialogue.  Now really, where do you find that in today's business world?  Here's a picture of some of the attendees that gathered this year.

Joomla Day New England Group Photo

I thought I would take this opportunity to share with you some interesting information about the Joomla Project and it's direction since you are all working with the application.


My Artisan Web and the green agency Solid Waste Agency of Northern Cook County (SWANCC)! have worked hand in hand to launch their new community driven website.  The support staff at My Artisan Web worked closely with Cameron to address the setup and implementation of a fairly complex website that takes full advantage of the Joomla! access control levels and our powerful DocMan Extension The new simplified and highly organized design will better serve its residents, providing information on waste reduction, recycling and various programs the Agency offers for recycling or environmentally-friendly disposal of specific materials. 


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