How to Setup Your Captcha Plugin to Eliminate Spam

Protect your blog, forum, community and social connections with this newly installed plugin on your My Artisan Web site.

A captcha is a means to protect your registration and contact forms from spam by the insertion of what is known as an "artihmetic task".  Essentially you are asking the user on the other end "Are you human".  This particular captcha plugin that we've installed on your website is very powerful.  We chose EasyCal since it provides for the most flexibility in a number of different situations.  It also supports the additon of a hidden field and a time limit. Since spam-bots are the only ones who can possibly enter content into a hidden field, as they tend to fill in every field there is, hidden or not, you immediately can eliminate dozens of false emails a day.  Your real human users do not see the field and will not fill it, avoiding the trap. The time limit prevents that the form is submitted too fast.  Bots usually fill in all the values at one time and try to send the form within seconds. A human being is not able to send a form in such a short time frame.

To begin this tutorial, login to the administrative panel of your website. (  Once you've logged in, roll over extensions>plugin manager.  The screen below will open up, type EASY into the filter box and click Go.  This will quickly pull up the captcha plugin that we are about to configure.

Plugin ManagerOnce

You can now see the plugin, click on the title to begin configuring the parameters.  The area that we're going to focus on is to the right under parameters.

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