Need to change the logo for this template?  It could not be any easier than finding the latest episode of you favorite TV show on the cable box.

1. To begin, sign into the Joomla administrator back end. 

2. If you have been granted Super Admin privileges navigate to Extensions.  By clicking here it will drop down a menu that includes Template Manager. 
3. Click Template Manager.

4. Find your template under the Style listing and click on it.

5. Look on the right hand side of the display.  Under Basic Options you will find a heading called Logo Image.  Click on the down arrow.

6. Once you do that you will see you are given several choices, "Use Template Logo" (existing logo), "Use module with position of logo", "Use site name" (no logo just text) and finally you could chose one of the images you already have in your /images folder on the web server.

Please note if you are going to change the logo you must make the new one EXACTLY the same dimensions as the one that came with the template. If you do not you run the risk of breaking your template.

To replace the old logo with a new using the "Use module with position of logo" option as illustrated in point 6 above follow these directions.

1. When at step 6 above choose "Use module with position of logo".  Save and Close.

2. Now you will have to create a new module for your template.  Navigate to Extensions and click on Module Manager.

3. Once the Module Manager opens click on New.

4. A new window will open, click on Custom HTML.

5. Upload your new logo image to the module by using the Image button.

6. In the Details section rather than clicking "select a position" type in logo.

7. Name the module Logo Module so you can find it later.

8. Set the status to "Published".

9. Click "Save and Close"

There you have it!  Open a new tab in your web browser and load your home page.  Hit the refresh button if your new logo doesn't show up right away.  If you have followed all these steps your new logo will be right where you want it.

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